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MPC 6515/MPC 6525

Leetro™ MPC6515/MPC6525, advanced stand-alone 3-axis motion controller designed for laser engraving and cutting applications. Incorporating the advanced Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a 32-bit DSP, MPC6515/MPC6525 provides dedicated motion control features.



1、Stand-Alone motion controller
2、Pulse frequency up to 7.5M Hz
3、3-axis card for stepper motors or digital servo motors
4、RS232 applicable for mainstream industrial touchscreen supporting Modbus communication protocol
5、Download data with USB flash disk or USB data cable
6、Transfer speed with USB data cable up to 500Kb/s
7、1-CH laser power on/off control output
8、1-CH laser PWM control output
9、Support 1or 2-CH independent power analog output
10、PWM preheat control
11、Uncapping protection
12、Flying-optics compensation

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Laser Engraing & Cutting
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